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We cater to professionals only

All Magic Moon needles are produced from high quality steel and are held to rigorous standards. Magic Moon ensures that all needles are checked individually during and after production. Once shipped to Germany and the US they are again checked. The quality of steel and production is what sets our needles apart. Magic Moon needles are made for those who strive for perfection in every line.

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Needle Explanation

The Magic Moon line offers four different tapers, and a variety of BugPin needles.

LT= Long Taper

Our Long Taper Needles are our most popular and well known needles. This taper is available in Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnums and Soft Edge Magnums.

MT= Medium Taper

Our Medium Taper Needle is considered the "classic work needle" in the tattoo community. Overall, it is a good taper for most styles of tattooing.

SRL= Straight Round Liner

The "Old School" Liner was developed under the guidance of Andreas Coenen of This Straight liner is for those who want a thick, bold line. Tattooers that favor lining with round shaders should consider trying these.

BPT= BugPin Textured

These needles were developed by Magic Moon (Erkelenz, Germany). These needles are textured which distributes more color into the skin.

SEM= Soft Edge Magnum

These needles perform exactly as they sound. Good for soft color transitions and portraiture.

Our Order Number Details

Example: 2514RLLT

Needle size

Number of Needles

Type of Needle

Needle Point

25 = .25mm Number = Needle Count SRL = Straight Round Liner LT = Long Taper
30 = .30mm   RL = Round Liner MT = Medium Taper
35 = .35mm   RS = Round Shader BPT = BugPin Textured
40 = .40mm   MG = Magnum
    SEM = Soft Edge Magnum  


Magic Moon USA will be adding a wider variety to our needle line as our business grows. You can expect to see us adding the XLT's (Extreme Long Taper) and ST's (Short Taper) in the future.