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What Tattooers are saying about Magic Moon Tattoo Needles

"Magic Moon Needles are great!
Every needle that comes out of the
box is consistent. I really like the
straight round liners, the feed on
the needle is real nice, makes
outlining easy and leaves a
solid bold line. All the
configurations are of
wonderful quality, it's a
tattooer owned company,
all around fucking killer!"

          - Paul Dobleman,
           Spider Murphys Tattoo

"Their quality control can't be beat.
A rejected needle from Magic Moon
is a very rare thing."

                  - Marcus Pacheco,    
                    Primal Urge Studios


“Best damn needles ever!"
                       - Eli Falconette,    
                         Blacklist Tattoo ​

"Very consistent and top quality,
definitely recommend these needles
for the artist that is particular
about their equipment"

                       - Erik Axel Brunt,
                         Triple Crown Tattoo